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14 days tourist gym pass - MoFIT fitness club Zagreb

If you're a tourist visiting Zagreb and want to stay active and healthy during your stay, we've got some exciting news for you! MoFit Fitness Club offers a special 14-day gym pass that grants you access to their facilities and services, including a variety of group training classes and popular Les Mills training sessions.

This unique pass is perfect for tourists looking

to maintain their fitness routine while traveling

. Instead of skipping workouts while away

from home, with this pass, you can explore

Zagreb's fitness scene and participate in

various group training sessions or in the gym
offered by Mofit Fitness Club.

14 days pass 38€

Group training classes are an excellent way to stay motivated and enjoy exercising alongside others. At Mofit Fitness Club, you can join diverse group training sessions, including popular Les Mills programs such as BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyBalance, and many more. These dynamic programs are designed to entertain, challenge, and provide an effective workout that will keep you in shape and uplift your mood.

Aside from helping you maintain your fitness while traveling, exercising offers numerous other benefits. Regular physical activity helps maintain energy levels, reduce stress, and improve overall health and well-being. It also allows you to meet new people, explore new parts of the city, and feel great throughout your entire trip.

So, if you're visiting Zagreb and want to incorporate exercise into your itinerary, take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a 14-day gym pass at Mofit Fitness Club. With a variety of group training classes and Les Mills programs available, you'll have everything you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle during your stay in beautiful Zagreb.

7 days free gym trial is applicable only for residents

Pay online with all major credit cards or Paypal ( we will contact you as soon as possible)

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